2021 has become a very important year in the history of DeNet. We have really done a lot and have prepared even more for 2022. All this would not have happened without you, without your participation and faith, without our beloved community. We know that some of you have been following the project since 2017, and we are incredibly grateful! We are closer than ever to justify your faith and patience🚀

Stay healthy, happy, and tuned for a promising 2022!



This article created to notify our users for updates in Storage. At this moment we got 97.4% stability for the declared functionality.

Current TestNet results

  • 2026 Pass reports (97.4% Success rate)
  • 54 Failed reports
  • 2080 Total reports
  • 100% Pass from 75.38% Users.

That is great results, but we need to grow success rate more, for MainNet launch.

Release notes

  • Improved Stability
  • Bug fix

How to join testnet

Any people can join now by github. And got reward* for completing testnet tasks. After getting successful results, TestNet will moved to MainNet!

you need to install metamask and latest version of denet.storage from github repository

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